"One of the innovators of the Catalan scene, Selnik always provides additional risk and originality." B. Duñó (Time
Out Magazine)

"It does not happen every day and for that reason is exciting when
it does. With all that has been written, with all
that has been improvised, that there are still musicians who shoot
at everyday music and get to strip it an admiring
‘oh’, it is very valuable... Pablo Selnik has solid fundamentals...
he is worthy of merit and has a huge technical and
expressive ability... Bravo!" C. P. Cruz, (Cuadernos de Jazz)

" are left only with the crinkling of your own skin and the beating of your own heart ringing in your ears before
you once again are unmoored in the beautiful exploration of the fragmented, fractal world, carried along by the flute
towards what Pharoah Sanders called “freedom.” (Echoes and Dust)

"Selnik breaks all the clichés related to the flute. He sees the instrument as an extension of his personality and is
able to extract the most unsuspected sounds to develop
a discourse that ranges from the most eviscerated free to
the finest melody." B. Duñó (Diario Ara)

"Amazing... Fantastic concert... At the end, all the praises
simply can't describe it, you remain with the feeling of
having witnessed something great." J.Z (Diario de Menorca)

"Existing at the nexus of modern, classical music and
extreme metal, Inhumankind have a completely unique
sound. Aggressively played flute, acoustic bass, and occasional
vocals are excellently employed to create
compositions that are simultaneously sparse and complicated, awkward and confident. This is one of the most
original albums to come across my desk in quite some time!"
Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice, Dysrhythmia,
Behold...the Arctopus)



"More than any album I have heard in the past few years, Self-Extinction is a visceral head-trip that is as bold and
innovative as it is bizarre and unusual. It’s also brilliant, and more than worth the time it will take to uncover its
multitudinous riches" "...amazing production quality is only as good as the music it serves, and by god is the music
here worth the effort" "... a stellar work performed by stellar musicians who play to their compositional and practical
strengths throughout" "...Self-Extinction is a transcendent record that exemplifies what metal and modern music are
and can be. A brilliantly performed and beautifully written gem of a record not to be missed by fans of jazz, avant-
garde, metal, or classical music." (Heavy Blog is Heavy)

" Inhumankind is the first band in a long time that has presented to me a style that I couldn’t find anywhere else,
and their upcoming record is quite the thought-provoker."

"...they’re charging forward with a sound that they can truly call their own! Inhumankind knows how to take a
completely unique style and hone it to a dangerous edge that they wield with utmost precision" "...Extremely few
acts as ambitious or innovative come around like this, and Inhumankind shows clear promise the likes of which
metal along cannot encapsulate." (HeadBanger Reviews)

"Miscellaneous n.2 is a crushing debut which in concert is overwhelming. Contemporary Jazz, unabashedly, that
opens doors and windows, and it gives meaning of a future that will be better with them, no doubt about it." J.
Turtós (La Vanguardia)

“To the expressive power joins the captivating vitality of a master of the flute, Pablo Selnik.” (Jamboree Jazz Club)

"Miscelánea n.2 is one of the best albums that have been released in the last years." M. Farré (BadMusicJazz)


"Lots of records are described as “unique.” It’s rarely true, but this time it is. Inhumankind‘s music sounds like
nothing else in the metal or avant-garde realms, and anyone with sufficiently broad-minded tastes should be
listening" (Burning Ambulance)

"You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more original and distinctive this year. " (No Clean Singing)

"Inhumankind play something truly unique on their debut album... One of the surprises of the Spring (Can This Be
Even Called Music? )

"Let me say this. 'Self-Extinction' will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but then what is? To stick to the analogy, this is
an obscure brew, which will challenge you like a Picasso painting or a Gaudi structure. This is an exercise in
working with noise. There doesn’t seem to be any point in trying to make sense of it. It’s a very odd album indeed,
which may well invoke nightmares, but I must say it stirred my juices. Welcome to the artistic world of
Inhumankind." 9/10 (Ave Noctum)

"There are records that they explain themselves... the passion for melody that Selnik instills, his tendency to curl in it, or just his well-understood taste for getting pretty notes together." G. Lázaro (Cuadernos de Jazz)

"Selnik confers a personal touch to his performances. His solos are impeccable." C. L. Cid (Tomajazz)